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Home October 7-9 2015, Edinburgh

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Liz Keogh (Keynote) - Respect for People

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Liz is an experienced Lean and Agile coach, developer, blogger and well-known international speaker. Coming from a strong technical background, her work covers a wide variety of topics, from software development and architecture to psychology and systems thinking. She is best known for her involvement in the BDD community, and was awarded the Gordon Pask award in 2010 for deepening existing ideas in the space and "coming up with some pretty crazy ones of her own".   


Lean has two pillars: continuous improvement, and respect for people. Respect is also one of the core XP values. Most of our processes focus on improvement of delivery, and rely on our instinct where respect is concerned. But how respectful are we, really? Do we even know what respect is? In this talk we look at the many ways in which we instinctively disrespect people, create processes that foster that disrespect, and damage our ability to deliver in the process... but we'll also look at the other side: how we can learn to respect people better, practice respect, and in the end come to respect ourselves more too.

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